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Large format singage was and important part of promoting the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl game as well as the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Tablegate pre-game party presented by Coca-Cola. The game promotion signage, like the street-pole and stadium flags, concentrated on the Buffalo Wild Wings brand with use of the simple black and yellow colors as well as the Buffalo Wing used in their own promotions.

The Tablegate pre-game party was sponsored by Coca-Cola, which meant I had to be aware of their brand and logo use as well. Working with a liaison within the Fiesta Bowl we worked on the signage materials that would make Buffalo Wild Wings and Coca-Cola happy while still staying true to the branding of the bowl game itself. The yellows and blacks were used again, as well as some instances of silhouettes for the party atmosphere. When the teams themselves were used, Michigan State and TCU had to approve the look of the signage as well. While it would be easy for the brands to overwhelm each other, simple uses of colors, logos, and typography made sure that all the brands got equal but not over-powering coverage on the various signage.