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After Selection Sunday, the day that the team match-ups are chosen for every bowl game, we had a lot to work on to promote the game with a focus on the teams. The cover of the AZ Weekly magazine as well as an internal full page ad focus on the match-ups between the Michigan State Spartans and the TCU Horned Frogs. Not only was it important to match the branding of the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl so far, I also had to step outside the brand to highlight the teams, working within their brand standards.

The difficulty with the inside full page ad was that it had to promote both games that were under the Fiesta Bowl organization–the new Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl and the established Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. It was important to be true to both the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl brand, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Brand. It had to be obvious we were discussing two different games but promote them at the same time in the same ad.